Study Shows Western Europe's Main Dealer Count Declined in 2012

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14th May 2013 12:07 - Automotive

Research by ICDP (based in the UK) has suggested that the collapse in demand for cars in Western Europe has led to a fall in the number of main dealer sales networks in the region. However, the decline last year was relatively small, and there was growth in the number of sales in Russia and Turkey.

Since 2011, main dealer sales networks have fallen by 3% in Western Europe, although the number of sales agents has actually increased by 2%. Additional research by ICDP has shown that, as cars and other vehicles' reliability improves and they require less servicing, the volume of repairs and maintenance needing to be undetaken is also falling.

However, highlights include Russia (sales points increased 14% year on year) and Turkey (increased 10% year on year). The concentration of sales in metropolitan areas seems to be driving this increase, with around 500 sales per main dealer in Turkey and more than 700 in Russia.

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