Study finds Mini is the most reliable used car

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9th September 2015 12:44 - Automotive

According to a recent study by British car manufacturer, BreakerLink’, Mini produces the most reliable used cars in the UK. Closely following Study finds Mini is the most reliable used carMini was: Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen.

The BreakerLink Used Car Reliability Study, was designed to measure the reliability of the cars manufacturers produce by using the amount of spare parts requested for each manufacture as an indication of reliability. The study examined and compared 30 leading car manufacturers, which produce vehicles for the United Kindgom.

The findings revealed that one in every 1428 cars required a spare part during the year-long study period, which took place during 2014.

Also topping the list were Land Rover (1 in 1176), Jaguar (1 in 961) and Volkswagen (1 in 752) which suggests that some of the most popular manufacturers on the UK roads are also of the most reliable.

However, ranking the least reliable were: SsangYong, with (1 in 76), Mitsubishi (1 in 250), Chevrolet (1 in 256) and Citroen (1 in 324).

The research examined the number of requests for spare parts for each manufacturer and compared this against the total amount of cars from each manufacturer, aged between 3 and 8 years, on the road, which resulted in a reliability percentage.

The top 30 most reliable cars most reliable used cars in the UK:

1 Mini

2 Land Rover

3 Jaguar

4 Volkswagen

5 Ford

6 Toyota

7 Skoda

8 Hyundai

9 Honda

10 Audi

11 Lexus

12 BMW

13 Nissan

14 Vauxhall

15 Peugeot

16 Kia

17 Volvo

18 Saab

19 Seat

20 Suzuki

21 Renault

22 Fiat

23 Mercedes

24 Chrysler

25 Mazda

26 Subaru

27 Citroen

28 Alfa Romeo

29 Chevrolet

30 Mitsubushi


Director of BreakerLink, Justin Smith, said of the findings:

"The top rated cars should come as no surprise. There are a number of top Asian manufacturers on the list including Honda and Toyota, fighting for places with the German producers responsible for Mini, Jaguar and Volkswagen. These big companies have a consistent commitment to quality and due to the large volumes of vehicles on the road it is relatively easy to find spare parts for them too.”

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