Survey Finds Britons More Tempted to Drink Drive in Summer

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8th July 2013 16:04 - Automotive

Automotive market research by the AA and Populus relating to public opinion about drink driving has uncovered some interesting findings.

In total, twice as many drivers think there are more temptations to drink-drive in the summer than the winter, with younger drivers aged 18 to 24 more likely to indulge than older people.

When it comes to regions, motorists in the north-west of England were found to be the most likely to succumb to summer drink-driving, while drivers in Scotland and Northern Ireland are the least likely to do so.

Further findings of the survey related to how strongly people felt about preventing friends and family from getting behind the wheel after drinking over the limit. Over two thirds of the survey respondents claimed they would confiscate their keys and call a taxi. As many as three quarters of women said they would take away a driver’s keys if they had had too much to drink, compared to just over two thirds of men.

Regionally, the highest rate of people who would step in to prevent drink-driving are people in Northern Ireland at 80%. Meanwhile Britons in the south-west of England are the most likely to find another way home than getting behind the wheel of a drink-driver and they would even report their friend to the police. This compares to the national average of only 6% of the 23,450 drivers surveyed who said they would take action.

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