Survey Finds For-Work Drivers Have Most Bad Habits on UK Roads

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4th January 2013 16:43 - Automotive


Market research by road safety charity Brake and insurance company Direct Line has found that Britons who drive while on the job have the highest rate of hazardous habits on the roads.

Over one in seven of the motorists who took part in the study admitted to applying make-up or shaving while at the wheel and a quarter also text while driving - those who drive for work purposes were found to be the most likely to do so.

A total of 31% of the respondents who use a vehicle for work said they text while driving, compared with 28% of non-work motorists.

In addition, 17% of on-the-job drivers admitted to carrying out personal grooming while on the roads compared with 14% for motorists driving in their own personal time.

Drivers using vehicles for work purposes were further found to be more likely to talk on hands-free mobiles while behind the wheel than non-work motorists.

The survey also discovered that 54% of the respondents who drive while on the job admitted to speeding on 60mph roads, compared with 34% of motorists who were on a work-related outing.

Furthermore, as many as 76% of for-work motorists said they speed more than 5mph above the limit on 30mph roads, compared with 62% of non-work drivers.

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