Survey Highlights Major Knowledge Gaps amongst Britons Driving Abroad

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26th March 2013 16:00 - Automotive


Market research carried out by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in association with, has revealed a worrying level of ignorance about foreign driving regulations.

Even though 40% of the 1,400 UK motorists surveyed admitted that they do not research the relevant Highway Code before driving abroad, 63% believed they knew the legal limits and penalties of driving under the influence of alcohol.

This confidence appears misplaced however. When the respondents were asked if it is a legal requirement to carry two breathalysers in France, 45% said no, despite it being widely publicised there as law. A further example is that 55% did not realise that it is a legal requirement in Spain to carry an extra pair of glasses when driving.  

Although half of those who took part in the study had driven their own car abroad, 51% of people admitted they did even not know if they required an International Driving Permit.

It was also shown that Britons are prone to speeding in foreign countries - of those who had been penalised for a motoring offence abroad, 65% had been caught speeding. Other common offences committed are parking violations and incorrect documents.

In response to the findings, the FCO have developed a Road Safety Tool to advise Britons on the key things to know when driving abroad – this can be found at

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