Survey Reveals Scottish Road Markings Amongst Worst In UK

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22nd November 2012 16:53 - Automotive

The Road Marking Safety Association (RMSA) has carried out a survey recently, and have discovered that 40% of white lines on Scotland's motorways and dual carriageways required immediate attention and maintenance. 

The RMSA surveyed more than 7,000kms (4,500miles) of major roads across England, Wales and Scotland, and also found that 40% of markings on Welsh dual carriageways needed immediate replacement, with the same applying to 38% of English motorways and 36% of English dual carriageways. 

In total, 1,000kms (620miles) of Scottish roads were assessed, with six out of ten single and dual carriageway markings 'barely visible' or in the warning zone. 

The survey also highlighted the worst stretches of road, with markings on the M6 between Wigan and Standish found to be the worst in England. The worst dual carriageway stretch in England was the A630 that connects the M1 to Sheffield. 

In Wales, the worst dual carriageway stretch was a section of the A5156 at Wrexham, with the worst single carriageway being the A466 from Monmouth, Wales to Chepstow, England. 

RAC Technical Director David Bizley said: "We understand that the Highways Agency and local councils are having to economise but basic safety features like road markings need to be protected otherwise it will lead to lives being lost." 

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