Survey Reveals Worst Commute Hotspots in UK

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25th February 2013 15:23 - Automotive


A poll by insurance company Allianz Your Cover has uncovered Britain’s Top Five worst work locations to travel to and from for drivers.

Coventry achieved the unfortunate crown of being the least satisfactory commute area, followed by Gloucester, Sheffield, Portsmouth and Liverpool.

In contrast, Northampton was found to be the best haven for commuters, since approximately 75% of drivers there reported enjoying their daily trip to work. Other good commute areas are Newcastle upon Tyne, Worcester, Norwich and Cardiff.

Overall, the survey discovered that only 15% of respondents who drive to work claim to enjoy their commute, while 70% said they are made downright miserable by their daily journey.

In addition, almost a fifth of the respondents said they long for better driving from their fellow commuters on the roads, with those in Belfast being among the angriest at badly behaving motorists.

Finally, a third of commuters reported arriving at work already stressed and frazzled from their trip. Some of the things that the surveyants said would improve matters are cheaper fuel (43%) and a travelling companion (10%), while others voted for a better job and nicer work colleagues (20%).

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