Survey Reveals the Car Accessories that Britons Find Tasteless

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15th July 2013 16:23 - Automotive

Market research by retailer has uncovered the UK's top ten car accessories that people hate most. The study was conducted to help vehicle buyers and sellers better understand how accessories can impact the value of a car.

Of the 2,000 drivers surveyed, the car accessory ranked as being in worst taste was headlight eyelashes (72%). This was followed by fluffy dice (66%), noisy exhausts (64%), novelty horns (58%), silly stickers such as Powered by Fairy Dust" (58%), lights under the car (51%), nodding dogs (47%), flags (46%), subwoofers (40%) and steering wheel covers (39%).

A total of 93% of the respondents claimed they had never bought a car with 'bad taste' accessories, while a further 40% even said they might be inclined to dump someone who showed up with a ‘cheesy’ car accessory.


CarShop spokesperson John Ruskin commented: "Car depreciation can be heavily affected by accessories, yet people often kit out their vehicles without consideration on how this may affect the value when trying to sell. Alloy wheels are the most popular 'bad taste' accessory, with 30% of people's family and friends having modified alloys. However, inappropriate-sized alloy rims or wheels with low-profile tires can massively decrease the value of a car when trying to sell.”

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