Survey Sees Car Rentals on the Rise as Britons Get Thrifty

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19th November 2012 15:50 - Automotive


According to a new survey of 2,000 UK motorists by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Britons are tightening their purse strings when it comes to vehicle use.

As many as two thirds (65%) of the respondents said they have changed their motoring habits because of the recession, while nearly a third (30%) claim they now only use their car for essential trips.

One in seven UK motorists are currently only using their car once a week or less, with almost 5% now claiming they use their car less than once a month.

Furthermore, one in ten of the surveyants said they have downsized their car to a smaller engine model to save on running costs. Only 4% of households are currently planning to buy a second car, while over a third (35%) has cut back to using just one vehicle.

Despite a significant reduction in use, the market research showed that the a large proportion of Britons still find their vehicles as necessary as ever - almost half of the car owners surveyed (46%) drive every day and 35% of those with one car admit they still need access to a second vehicle on many occasions such as commuting or weekend trips away.

Car rental is becoming a growing solution amongst UK drivers - over one in five (22%) have rented a car near their home for personal use, with nearly half (47%) reporting that the main reason for hiring a car was that their own vehicle wasn’t suitable for the trip.

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