Survey Sees Rising Auto Costs Preventing Young Britons from Becoming Drivers

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19th February 2013 15:40 - Automotive


Market research by motoring website Auto Trader has shown that if car costs continue to escalate, it will prevent many young Britons from taking to the roads.

The 'Future of Motoring' survey saw 3,495 motorists voicing concern that fees such as petrol, insurance and driving related taxation could skyrocket to £4,580 per year, reaching over £135billion in the UK.

Nearly three quarters of drivers surveyed believe it will become increasingly impossible for young people to buy a car, with 98% claiming the Government is not doing enough to support future motorists.

In addition, half of the 17 to 24-year-olds who took part in the study believe less young Britons will learn to drive over the next decade and almost three quarters of the female respondents who have been driving for five years claim they could not afford to become a first time driver today.

The survey discovered that young female drivers are particularly at risk of feeling the pinch due to the recent introduction of European laws which ban insurers from calculating rates based on gender. This ruling could result in a 25% increase in annual cost of insurance for female motorists, leading to significantly less women behind the wheel. 

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