Survey Shows Car Crashes are Number One Concern for Parents

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5th September 2014 11:14 - Automotive

A recent survey has discovered that the top concern for parents with children aged between 16 and 25 is the fear that their child will be involved in a serious car crash.

Of the 498 adults who were questioned, more than three fifths (62%) said they were most worried about their child being injured in a severe car crash, with marginally less (59%) anxious their child would be unable to secure a job.

One third (33%) of the survey’s participants were worried their child would not fulfil their potential at school or university, and just over three in 10 (31%) feared their child would consume illegal drugs. Around one quarter (27%) were concerned about their children taking up smoking.

As a result, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) - the conductors of the survey - are calling for a one-year minimum learning period for drivers, limits on the number of passengers allowed in a car with a new, young driver for six months after passing their test and zero tolerance on the drink-drive alcohol limit.

James Dalton, Head of Motor at the ABI, spoke: “Parents are right to be concerned for their children’s safety on the roads since car crashes are the single biggest cause of accidental death among 15-24 year olds. The survey findings highlight the need for Government to introduce reforms to reduce the tragic loss of young lives. The Government Green Paper that was promised to look at tackling the problem has repeatedly been delayed.

“We have long been campaigning for changes to help young people become safer drivers with our Campaign for Safe Young Drivers, but until action is taken, parents will continue to worry every time their child gets into a car. Every day of delay puts more young lives at risk on our roads.”

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