Survey finds 1 in 3 drivers hog middle lane of motorway

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27th September 2016 15:28 - Automotive

Survey finds 1 in 3 drivers hog middle lane of motorway: A recent survey published on’s website has revealed that despite it being a motoring offence worthy of a £100 fine and 3 points on one’s licence, many drivers still hog the middle lane of the motorway.Survey finds 1 in 3 drivers hog middle lane of motorway

Last summer saw the first motorists convicted for hogging the middle lane. However, despite the deterrents in place, 32 per cent of drivers said that they are guilty of hogging the middle lane.

‘Middle lane hogging’ was defined as a motorist driving in the middle lane of a motorist for an excessive amount of time.

51 per cent of the survey respondents said that they view middle lane hoggers as selfish; although, the problem may be caused by lack of awareness rather than a disregard for the rules.  Of the respondents, 37 per cent said that they were not aware that middle lane hogging is a motoring offence and a further 19 per cent said that they were never educated about middle lane hogging.

In 2013, on-the-spot fines were adopted to try and curb the amount of middle lane hoggers on the roads and tackle careless driving. However, just 135 motorists have been charged with middle lane hogging since the fines were introduced.

According to the findings, 11 per cent of the drivers said that they either had or nearly have had an accident as the result of someone hogging the middle lane.

When looking at what behaviours annoy motorists the most on motorways, it can been seen that middle lane hogging ranks in second place. The top 5 are below:




Middle-lane hogging  


Not indicating




Slow drivers



Of the respondents, 17 per cent said that they had undertaken someone hogging the middle lane and a further 4 per cent said that they had tailgated someone doing the same.

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