Survey finds a quarter of motorists would nap in an autonomous car

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13th May 2016 18:04 - Automotive

According to a recent survey more than a quarter, or 26 per cent, of drivers would take a nap in an autonomous car. As well as napping, the respondents said that they would feel comfortable talking to other passengers, surfing the internet and watching the television.Survey finds a quarter of motorists would nap in an autonomous car

The survey also revealed that motorways were the kinds of roads which drivers felt that autonomous control would be the most appealing, making the notion of falling asleep in an autonomous car even more extraordinary.

Of the respondents, 32 per cent said that motorways would be the best for autonomous technology. As well as this, 18 per cent said that autonomous city driving would be appealing. A further 49 per cent said that autonomous technologies would be the most useful in a traffic jam.

Of the cars already being sold, more than 50 per cent already have autonomous safety technology installed and some automotive manufacturers have been working on driverless cars, namely Renault and Nissan. Earlier in 2016, both Nissan and Renault set a target for themselves to get at least 10 entirely autonomous vehicles on the road in the next 4 years.

The survey discovered that most motorists do not trust autonomous driving technologies and a further 45 per cent said that they found the concept of a car being able to take over the whole driving process very unappealing. As well as this, 51 per cent said that they would either feel very unsafe, or unsafe being behind the wheel of an autonomous vehicle.

Amongst the respondents, the biggest worry (34 per cent) was found be whether or not a self-driving car could successfully avoid a collision. A further 30 per cent said that their biggest worry was that they would lose their enjoyment of driving.

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