Survey finds little desire for driverless cars made by tech companies

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10th December 2015 12:45 - Automotive

A recent survey has revealed that more than 50 per cent of consumers worldwide are open to accepting driverless cars, however, the majority of the respondents do not want technology companies to produce them.

The survey revealed that despite technology companies such as Google and Uber pioneering the development of driverless cars, traditional vehicle manufacturers will most likely be a key to pushing self-driving cars into the mainstream.

Of the consumers in the survey, around 60 per cent worldwide said that they are ready to accept self-driving cars, however, just 16 per cent of people would put their faith into tech companies to manufacture the vehicle.

The survey, which was conducted by The World Economic Forum and The Boston Consulting Group revealed that 46 per cent of people would prefer traditional vehicle manufacturers to develop and pilot driverless cars.

Despite such a high percentage of people wanting driverless cars to be manufactured by automakers, technology companies are not completely being cast aside.

Of the 5,500 respondents from 10 countries, 69 per cent of people would trust driverless cars more if both traditional automakers and tech companies work together in the development. Expanding on this, consumers want traditional automakers to manufacture the driverless cars, however, they want tech companies such as Google and Apple to help the process with their knowledge.

At an event in September 2015, Co-founder of Google and Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet, Sergey Brin, said that the corporation was not enough placing emphasis on developing and selling their own driverless cars, instead, they are looking for partners in the automotive industry.

On the other hand, Apple is reportedly building its own automotive. The first Apple car model is expected to roll out by 2019, however, according to the Wall Street Journal, they will not be completely autonomous.

However, despite Apple having not confirmed its plans to build its own car, in September, Apple spoke with agency officials to discuss state regulations for testing on public roads.

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