Survey finds women feel patronised by car manufacturers

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22nd February 2016 15:44 - Automotive

A recent survey has revealed that the automotive industry is mainly aimed towards men and does not understand women.Survey finds women feel patronised by car manufacturers

As part of the market research, 48,345 women were asked about what they think about purchasing a car, owning one and dealing with faults. The market research findings do not paint automakers in a positive light.

According to the survey respondents, the women felt alienated by the automotive industry, with a staggering 90 per cent of women saying that they would not go to a car dealership without a man present.

As well as this, 56 per cent said that they felt patronised by car advertising, with 34 per cent of women believing that no automotive brand understands women, out of approximately 40 in the United Kingdom.

In 2025, UK women are anticipated to own 60 per cent of all personal wealth and 93 per cent of those in that demographic took part in the research.

It was pointed out by Different Spin that this problem is filtering down the supply chain from manufacturers.

The report said of the customer journey: “is not a funnel. It is not even a circular journey from awareness to consideration, to purchase, to advocacy. It is a messier process where brand experience is affected at every moment, by every touch point” and brands do not control touch points.

Amongst the words which women described their experiences at dealerships were: “unpleasant, sickening, horrific, uncomfortable, tortuous, ghastly patronising, demeaning and dreadful.”

The survey also revealed which brands were the most loved amongst women and also what makes a favourite brand. The women cited reliability, style and empathy towards women as the top components of a favourite brand. The women also voted Mini as their favourite brand, followed by Volkswagen and Ford. The most loved brands were found to be Ford, Audi and Volkswagen.

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