Survey reveals around 25 per cent drive whilst tired

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28th November 2016 13:36 - Automotive

Survey reveals around 25 per cent drive whilst tired: A recent automotive survey by the online vehicle market place, Exchange and Mart, has revealed that approximately 25 per cent of drivers in Britain frequently get behind the wheel when they are tired.Survey reveals around 25 per cent drive whilst tired

Exchange and Mark questioned 200 motorists in Britain to reveal that 24 per cent of the respondents admitted to frequently driving whilst feeling tired. Of the sample, 50 per cent were male and the remaining 50 per cent were female.

The survey also discovered that men are more likely than women to operate a vehicle when they are tired. Of the males in the survey, 28 per cent said that being tired is the biggest distraction they face whilst driving, whereas just 20 per cent of the female respondents said the same.

According to the survey, the thing that distracts motorists most frequently is adjusting their car’s features, such as the radio or the air conditioning. Of the respondents, 63 per cent said that changing their car’s features regularly distracted them.

For 40 per cent of the respondents, other passengers were a frequent distraction.

A separate study revealed that being tired is a major factor in causing many accidents on the road in the past, which makes the latest survey finds even more worrying.

Jim Murray Jones, the General Manager of Exchange and Mart, said that males are more often distracted by eating and drinking than females are, who are more distracted by adjusting seatbelts, mirrors and their seats.

He further added that 72 per cent of motorists have admitted to multitasking whilst behind the wheel and as a result, are putting themselves and their passengers at risk.

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