Survey reveals most annoying driving habits of motorists

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17th January 2020 14:30 - Automotive

Survey reveals most annoying driving habits of motorists: A survey has revealed the top annoyances experienced by motorists in the UK, with more than half those polled (55%) saying other drivers not indicating before a manoeuvre was the most irritating.

The second most annoying habit revealed in the poll by Click4Reg was leaving full beam headlights on - also selected by more than half the motorists surveyed (52%). 

Driving 10mph below the speed limit was annoyance for four in ten (41%), while tailgating (40%) and last minute lane switchers and mergers (32%) were also called out. 

Other annoyances experienced by drivers included bad parking (26%), speeding (25%), not being courteous to other drivers (19%) , sudden braking (18%) and middle-lane hoggers (14%). 

However, despite these on-the-road gripes, the majority of the 1,023 drivers surveyed admitted that they themselves were guilty of at least one of the offences. 

Of all the crimes against motoring listed, speeding and bad parking were the offences most respondents admitted to. 

The survey also asked respondents which type of transport or people they find the most annoying on the road, with old people topping the list (41%), followed by young male drivers aged 17/18 (38%) and lorry drivers (26%). 

Taxis were seen to be annoying by just 16% of drivers, while motorbikes were an irritant to even fewer (14%), as were young female drivers (12%), buses (10%) and vans (8%). 

The least annoying vehicles according to the poll were coaches (5%) and emergency vehicles (2%).

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