Survey reveals that car buyers still keen to visit dealerships despite Covid-19

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1st October 2020 10:45 - Automotive

Survey reveals that car buyers still keen to visit dealerships despite Covid-19: A survey of people looking to buy a car has found that despite restrictions and concerns over coronavirus, the majority will 'definitely' or 'probably' visit a car showroom before purchasing a new vehicle.

The research conducted by eBay Motor Group's Consumer Insight Panel, polled 529 visitors to throughout August and September and found that more than half (56%) will 'definitely' want to visit a dealership as part of their car buying process, while almost a quarter (24%) said they will 'probably' visit one. 

The survey sought to find out more about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the purchasing decisions of prospective car buyers, finding that human interaction with a person at a physical dealership was still important. 

Asked what their next steps would be after finding a car online, almost two-fifths of respondents (39%) said they would phone a dealer directly, with 28% saying they would just turn up at the dealership and walk in off the street. Just over a fifth (22%) said they would email before going to look at a car, while 6% would text. Just 4% of car buyers would use a website's 'live chat' facility to enquire further about a car. 

The research found that dealerships are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries -  up 155% on what they were back in March when lockdown measures were introduced. Around two-fifths of respondents (42%) said that after contacting a dealership via email or text, they would expect to have a response within an hour.

Marc Robinson, head of external sales at eBay Motors Group, said:

‘We believe those dealers who can be flexible in their approach and combine comprehensive online information and services alongside a reassuring offline experience will be best placed to secure future sales."

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