Survey reveals the most stressful aspects of driving for motorists, with driving in the snow on top

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7th October 2020 12:14 - Automotive

Survey reveals the most stressful aspects of driving for motorists, with driving in the snow on top: Finding a parking space, driving in fog, and hitting a pothole; just some of the top answers given when survey respondents were asked about the aspects of driving that bother them the most.

The survey of 2,000 motorists for Rescue Remedy ranked the top 50 bugbears of drivers, finding that driving in the snow was the most stressful, followed by driving in an unknown area, driving in the rain, and tailgaters. 

Hitting a pothole, driving in fog, driving in the dark, and having a large vehicle such as a lorry or bus too close, were also listed in the top ten, as well as getting a warning light and finding a parking space. 

The survey also found that for almost half the respondents polled, other motorists on the road cause them more concern than themselves, with a third saying that driving is often the most stressful activity of their day. 

More than two-fifths of motorists said they feel more worried when they have a passenger in their car than when driving alone, with 44% saying that a difficult drive can leave them feeling overwhelmed for the remainder of the day. 

When it comes to the people they feel most comfortable driving with, more than half the respondents polled said they feel at ease with their partner or spouse, however more than two-fifths admitted to falling out with their other half due to a disagreement while driving, which for 40% was due to exchanges about their driving skills. 

Respondents said that driving colleagues or siblings leave them feeling the most stressed. 

The research also revealed that the car is a place where people get talking: with six in 10 saying it is a great place to have a discussion. More than half the respondents polled have used a journey as a time to make social plans, while 43% have talked about finances and a quarter have discussed relationships, careers or workloads. 

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