Survey reveals top concerns of motorists, with road rage on the increase

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6th November 2019 14:17 - Automotive

Survey reveals top concerns of motorists, with road rage on the increase: A new RAC survey has revealed that three in ten motorists cite 'aggressive behaviour of other drivers' as one of their main concerns when driving in the UK, with the number of respondents saying it was their main concern doubling since last year's poll from 4% to 8%. 

The nationally representative poll of 1,753 UK motorists found that almost a third (30%) had seen for themselves an incident of road rage involving physical abuse in the past year, while almost half had seen motorists experience verbal abuse. The survey reveals that concern is growing amongst UK drivers, with 60% saying they see more incidents of road rage on today's roads than they did ten years ago. More than three-quarters believe the increase in road rage seen on the roads is due to the fact people are not as patient as they were a decade ago.  

The top concerns of UK motorists 

Whilst road rage was in fourth position, motorists using handheld mobile phones whilst they were behind the wheel was the number one concern of drivers on UK roads, cited by more than a third (36%), followed by the rising cost of fuel (34% - up from 29% 12 months ago) and the condition and maintenance of local roads (33%). 

The cost of insuring a car ranked in fifth position (27%) followed by drivers under the influence of alcohol (23%), motorists breaking traffic laws (22%), drivers without tax or insurance (21%) and traffic and congestion, meaning longer travel times (21%). 

Other concerns included the cost of parking (up five percentage points on last year from 16% to 21%), as well as motorists driving under the influence of drugs (17%), the availability of parking  (up from 17% in 2018 to 21% in 2019), and the behaviour of cyclists (16%). 

RAC’s road safety spokesperson Simon Williams said: “All the fears associated with the behaviour of other drivers on the road have never featured as highly in our research as top motoring concerns as they have this year."

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