Survey reveals what drivers worry about when it comes to servicing

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4th January 2017 11:44 - Automotive

Survey reveals what drivers worry about when it comes to servicing: According to a recent automotive survey of 1,000 motorists by, approximately 50 per cent of motorists worry that they will be overcharged for work on their car if they take their vehicle in to a garage they have not been to before.Survey reveals what drivers worry about when it comes to servicing

The market research also discovered that 28 per cent of the motorists in the survey totally trust their go-to garage; however, one in eight drivers are worried that they may still get overcharged by their usual garage. In addition to this, 49 per cent of drivers said that they would only take their car to a garage if it has been recommended to them by their friends or family.

It is a common concern that women are more likely to be overcharged by garages than men; however, the market research revealed that this is not the case, as more males (9 per cent) believed that they had been charged too much by a garage in the last 12 months than women (6 per cent).

The males in the survey were found to be more likely to trust their garage, with one in three saying that they totally trust their garage, in comparison with 26 per cent of women.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 23 per cent of the women in the survey said that they felt intimidated by staff at garages, and a further 10 per cent of men said they felt the same. said that women have been treated differently than men within the automotive sector for a long time; however, this is slowly starting to change.

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