Survey reveals which in-car infotainment features consumers do not use

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23rd June 2015 12:29 - Automotive

A recent survey on the behalf of automotive consultants, SBD, has discovered that automakers are unnecessarily manufacturing their cars Survey reveals which in-car infotainment features consumers do not usewith features that consumers are not using, or even aware of in some cases.  

The survey of approximately 14,000 car owners was conducted via online questionnaires between April and May this year.

Of the respondents, 43 per cent said that automotive manufacturers are adding too many infotainment features to their cars. The survey also found that in-car infotainment now generally scores low in owner satisfaction surveys.

The survey asked the respondents to score 42 features of vehicles, for example, hybrid engines, back up cameras and electronic suspension. The results showed that the 10 lowest scoring features were all to do with infotainment.

Of all the features in the sample, the lowest scoring were voice recognition, smart phone integration, built-in apps and customizable instrument panels.

Director of SBD, Andrew Hart, said that automotive manufacturers were featuring infotainment features into their cars to help attract buyers. He also said that infotainment features help to increase revenue by encouraging buyers to add expensive optional packages.

Hart went on to say that car manufacturers can increase brand loyalty by “getting infotainment right, getting the right set of features that people actually want to use and making them easy to use.”

The infotainment systems which frequently go unused are: in-car hard drives for storing music, CD players, concierge services and voice recognition.

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