UK Motorists Lost Nearly 60m in 2010 for Not Contesting Unfair Parking Tickets

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11th March 2011 18:34 - Automotive

A poll by car insurer LV of 2,003 adults has revealed that UK drivers lost nearly £60million in 2010 by neglecting to appeal against unfair parking tickets.

John O'Roarke, LV Managing Director, commented: 'It's shocking to see motorists paying out millions every year in unfair parking tickets, particularly at a time when soaring fuel costs are already putting a huge strain on drivers. It is vital that the appeals process is communicated clearly in all tickets, penalty notices and subsequent documentation to ensure drivers are aware of their right to contest a fine they feel is unjustified.'

The study found that the majority of unfair parking fines are issued in areas were parking signage is unclear.
Of the motorists surveyed, 5% had received a ticket where they had grounds for appeal, which would have paid out an estimated £58.5 million. More than half of these 5% said they did not appeal because they assumed they would lose their claim.

Only 22% of the motorists who took part in the survey contested their ticket, but of those who did, 88% were successful in their claim.

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