UK's most reliable car brand revealed in survey of car owners

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28th May 2019 16:18 - Automotive

UK's most reliable car brand revealed in survey of car owners: A recent survey has revealed the nation's most reliable car brand, according to the number of issues experienced.  
The 2019 JD Power survey polled 11,530 owners of vehicles registered from November 2015 to January 2018 about issues they had experienced with their cars across eight categories including driving experience; features/controls/displays (FCD); vehicle interior; and engine and transmission.
The survey found Peugeot to be the most reliable car brand over the last twelve months, with the least problems recorded - 77 per 100 vehicles. Behind the French car manufacturer was Skoda (88 PP100) followed by Hyundai (90 PP100) Nissan  (94 pp100)  and Suzuki (94 PP100).
The poll also found that only one premium brand made it into the top ten (Volvo, in tenth position, with 106 problems recorded per 100 vehicles.  
Looking more at the premium brands, Mercedes- Benz came in at 2oth position, the second premium car entry in the survey, followed by Land Rover (21st position), Jaguar (23rd) and Audi (167). A the bottom of the poll was BMW with 181 problems recorded per 100 vehicles flagged in the survey.
The poll also found that just under half the respondents polled said they would 'definitely' buy a car from the same manufacturer when they come to update their vehicle, which compares to just 43% in 2015.
Looking further at repurchase intent, more than half (54%) of those who did not experience problems intend to repurchase the same brand (the same as last year), whereas of drivers who had costly repairs and said that owning their car was 'very unsatisfactory', just 16% said they 'definitely will' buy the same brand next time. 

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