Young drivers more likely to drive uninsured

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6th November 2014 15:01 - Automotive

The research, which was carried out by Auto Express via a Freedom of Information request to the DVLA, found that rather than pay expensive premiums for being a new driver, over 50 per cent (21,148) of those banned within the first two years of passing their test took to the road uninsured.

Over 10,000 drivers per year are banned just months after getting their licence.

Motoring journal, Auto Express claim that most of those banned are young people.

The study also found that from June 2010, the number of drivers banned within their first two years of driving was 40,481. Within that same time scale, new motorists only need to accrue six points to receive a ban.

In over 50 per cent (21,148) of cases where a new driver received a ban, the punishable offence was driving with no insurance. The result of doing this is currently six points and a large fine. This number also includes cases of “fronting”, whereby a high risk motorist appears as the named driver on another person’s policy but is in fact, the main driver.

However, due to / as a result of the employment of modern computerised checking systems, The Department of Transport claims that it is now easier than ever to spot an uninsured vehicle.

This system uses cameras which record number plates, and checks them against a database of insurance details.

According to the DVLA, the top 10 causes for receiving a ban are:

1. Not having insurance cover - 21,148 bans

2. Speeding - 7,220 bans

3. Driver's identity (failure to give correct information) - 2,220 bans

4. Vehicle control (which includes using a device whilst driving)- 1,766 bans

5. Driving without due care and attention - 1,675 bans

6. Motorway speeding - 1,249 bans

7. Running red lights - 1,020 bans

8. Defective tyres - 854 bans

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