5% of Brits have lost employment already due to coronavirus, according to survey

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25th March 2020 15:19 - Business Support

5% of Brits have lost employment already due to coronavirus: A YouGov survey has found that one in twenty respondents polled between 23 - 24 March have lost their job as a result of covid-19.

The survey found that two-fifths (41%) were reporting no change - they were, and are still employed, while  the same percentage (41%) said they were not in work and  are still not in work. 

Almost one in ten (9%) said that they are still employed but have had their hours reduced, while 5% answered 'don't know'. 

Two in five (42%) Brits said that they are now working from home all of the time, while 12% said they are home working some of the time. 

Respondents were asked 'which comes closest to how you see the future for you?' alongside a list of possible answers. More than half (54%) said ' I think I'll be okay', with almost one in three (32%) saying "I fear for my future'. The percentage of men feeling optimistic that they will be okay was 58% compared to 49% of women. Women were more likely to fear for their future than men (36% vs 28%).

In terms of how the public believe the disease will affect society, more than half (52%) believe that covid-19 will kill 'millions and millions' of people around the globe, with 6% saying they fear it will kill hundreds of millions (more than the Spanish Flu of 1918 -1920).

Almost a third of respondents said they do not think the outbreak will be any worse than flu

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