Businesses prefer Labour’s policies, blind survey shows

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7th May 2015 15:30 - Business Support

A blind survey of more than 2,000 business owners has found that once all existing perceptions and bias is neutralised, businesses favourBusinesses prefer Labour’s policies, blind survey shows Labour’s policies over any other party's.

The independent survey – which was conducted by The Formations Company – required business owners to identify which policies they supported, without knowing which political party the policy was proposed by.

The findings showed that business owners preferred Labour’s policies on: business support and access to finance; devolution to local government and red tape; employer national insurance contributions and the minimum wage; EU and international trade and job creation; and zero hours contracts.

However, the survey also found that business owners supported the Conservative party’s policies on: employment law, pensions, broadband and the high street.

The findings suggest that businesses marginally prefer the policies proposed by the Labour Party, despite the belief that the Conservative Party’s policies are better suited to business owners.

Of those surveyed, 23 per cent agreed most frequently with Labour’s policies, as opposed to the 22 per cent which most frequently agreed with the Conservatives.

Closely following the two main political parties were, the Green Party (19 per cent), UKIP (18 per cent) and the Liberal Democrats (18 per cent).

When looking at the subject of corporation tax and business rates, UKIP’s policies were most frequently agreed with, although, they were the least popular in 6 of the 9 business areas.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Formations Company, Piers Chead, said of the findings: “The results were actually quite surprising. You always hear about the Conservatives being the party of business – but it seems once you neutralise this perception bias and compare policies, Labour are offering businesses the best deal – and that comes from the horse’s mouth.”

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