Employers most confident recruiting through word of mouth, survey finds

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18th March 2016 11:41 - Business Support

According to a recent business survey, the resources used most to recruit new candidates were word of mouth (70 per cent) and job websites (37 per cent).Employers most confident recruiting through word of mouth, survey finds

When looking at the findings, it is obvious that recruiters feel most comfortable recruiting with word of mouth. This could be attributed to the fact that when the business knows their friends, they can gauge their character and qualifications.

Of the employers in the survey, 23 per cent said that they use LinkedIn for recruitment and 17 per cent use Facebook to search for job candidates, whereas 33 per cent use LinkedIn and Facebook to check the quality of a job applicant.

One respondent said: I hope to see appropriate content on Facebook — no bragging about being drunk or out all night, no racist remarks. If the candidate has any common friends, I contact them for a referral.”

Another respondent said that employers were looking for indicators of good grammar, character traits and personal habits and how active they are on social media.

Of the respondents, 59 per cent said that they carry out background checks.

The majority of the sample were in agreement that the biggest barrier to recruiting is finding the right candidate with the sought after skills for the role, at a rate of 48 per cent.

To gauge the job candidate’s qualifications for the position, 48 per cent conduct some form of skills assessment, for example one small business owner said that they would “Hiring a technician: hand them a soldering iron, and see how well they use it.”

One owner of a bakery said that they request that their candidates “perform various cake decoration tasks.” 

“We have them come in for a few days and see if they mesh with the position and vice versa,” said another business owner.

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