Television Voted As Preferred Channel of Communication For Euro Updates

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19th June 2014 14:28 - Business Support

A recent study has shown that over half (56%) of people living in EU member states outside of the euro area do not feel well informed about the euro.

This figure is 1% lower than in 2013 and comprises of over two fifths (44%) who feel not very well informed and over one in 10 (12%) who feel not at all informed.

On the other hand, over four out of 10 respondents (42%) said they do feel well educated about the euro – 26% rather well educated and 6% very well educated.

The Czech Republic was the only country where 50% of participants felt quite or very well informed:

Country Not very/not at all informed Quite well/very well informed
Czech Republic 48% 50%
Hungary 60% 39%
Lithuania 50% 46%
Poland 53% 45%
Bulgaria 61% 38%
Romania 63% 36%
Croatia 57% 42%

Collectively, just under one third (30%) said they would want to hear about the introduction of the euro as soon as possible, with just 6% happy to be informed only a few weeks before. More than one quarter of (28%) respondents said they would want to be told a few months in advance and 31% thought a few years notice should be given.

National central banks were voted the most trusted distributor of information on the euro (76%), with European institutions a distant second (59%), followed by government, national or regional authorities (46%).

Journalists were seen as the least trusted distributor of information with just 28% electing them and, not much better off, trade unions and professional organisations were selected by less than three out of 10 participants (29%).

Furthermore, when asked about their preferred channel of communication to receive information about the euro and the changeover, television was the overwhelming favourite:

  • 71% said television would be most useful
  • 60% said the Internet would be most useful
  • 53% said in banks would be most useful
  • 50% said on the radio would be most useful
  • 47% said in newspapers/magazines would be most useful
  • 44% said in schools or education places would be most useful
  • 38% said through the letter box would be most useful
  • 36% said public places would be most useful
  • 30% said in the workplace would be most useful
  • 19% said in supermarkets and shops would be most useful

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