Global Survey Uncovers the Job Benefits that Britons Value Most

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24th October 2012 15:01 - Business Support


Market research by Aegon, covering 8,100 employees in nine countries, has shown that Britons value their basic salary, pension and holiday leave as the most important occupational benefits.

Almost 70% of the 900 UK employees surveyed described a basic salary as being “extremely important” when looking for a job. Holiday entitlement and a workplace pension with employer contributions were equally important for two-fifths of the respondents.

In addition to this, respondents in Britain demonstrated an above average interest in employee share schemes and flexible working hours, with over two-fifths of women identifying the latter as extremely important.

The normal core benefits that were perceived as less crucial included bonus and overtime pay - less than a third of British workers said this was very important.

Furthermore, only 17% of the UK surveyants cited medical health insurance as extremely important, compared to a global average of 37%.

Overall, the global results of the survey showed a preference amongst employees for short term benefits over long-term ones.

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