HSBC Expat Survey for 2011 Finds UK Ranking Poorly

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22nd June 2012 13:07 - Business Support

HSBC’s global Expat Explorer Survey, which lists the best and worst places to migrate to, has found the UK trailing behind in terms of salary and quality of life.

A total of 3,385 expats from 100 countries took part in the study for 2011, however only 31 countries made the cut due to lack of participants.

The results of the study saw India ranked 31st as the most difficult place for expats to relocate to, but the United Kingdom was only two points higher on the league table at 29th position.

Expats ranked the UK last however in terms of quality of life and raising children abroad, measuring seven spots behind India.

In terms of some of the foremost places to relocate to, Bermuda ranked fourth along with Singapore and the United Arab Emirates in 2010, however it was cut from the 2011 survey as not enough expats participated (the minimum number needed was 30).

Nevertheless, Bermuda expats had the third highest salary and 60% who previously took part in the research thought their work/life balance and their working environment was better than in their home country.

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