Insight Study Into HR Sector Discovers Skill Shortage That Needs to Be Addressed

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31st May 2012 16:55 - Business Support

According to a new report by recruitment firm Reed UK, skills shortages are negatively affecting the growth of many UK businesses in the HR sector.

Based on market research by Reed who canvassed the views of 1,500 UK employers and employees, the report said that losing talent is a major concern among senior management, with 39% of HR professionals claiming they have skill gaps in their organisation that are having impacting business performance and development potential.

The Reed HR 2012 Salary and Market Insight report also revealed many HR respondents feel their organisation is taking steps to stem the loss of employee talent - 55% claim this is being done through investment in training, while 35% report the problem is being tackled by their company focusing on internal promotion.

A further 32% of HR professionals say their employers are looking externally to address their skills gaps, however it is less common these days for businesses to offer enhanced benefits packages to attract and retain star talent.

Meanwhile, 26% of HR professionals who took part in the study thought their organisation was doing nothing to address the problem by attracting or retaining skilled workers.

Divisional Director at Reed HR, Jason Willis, commented: “The majority of businesses are now being run in a very lean way, with little surplus of skills to take up the slack when someone leaves for a new role. This means that effective talent management is more important than ever and the first step to this is understanding the skills within the organisation.”

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