International Survey Measures Countries Most Intolerant of Bad Service

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24th February 2012 17:26 - Business Support

A global poll published this week by American Express has revealed the countries who dislike bad service the most.

Taiwan has ranked top in the study for being the least tolerant of bad service – in total, as many as 69% of those who took part in the study are likely to switch providers if they find their service unsatisfactory.

A majority of 74% also said they had cancelled purchases because of poor service. The percentage ranked even higher amongst Taiwanese consumers who buy online on a daily or weekly basis, with 80% reporting termination of purchases if they found the customer experience poor.

In addition, word of poor service was found to spread faster in Taiwan than reports of good service.  On average, Taiwanese consumers will complain to at least 29 friends about receiving bad service, compared to telling 18 friends when service is good.

Furthermore, over 70% of Taiwanese consumers are willing to spend an extra 10% for better services, and up to 53% agree that experiencing good service has a major impact on how they view brands.

The global survey saw Italy ranking in second position at 64% for not accepting bad service, followed by Mexico at 63% and the UK in fourth place at 61%.

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