London Olympics Gives Boost to Acceptance of Flexible Working Finds Survey

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14th September 2012 15:06 - Business Support

Market research conducted by Vodafone UK has shown that following the Olympics when many employees were allowed to stay at home, Britons are keener than ever on the idea of flexible or remote working.

The long-term outcome of the Games might be a turning point in UK office culture - over half of surveyants (52%) who work in London and the Home Counties said they would welcome the chance to work flexibly more often after getting a taste of it in August.

In addition, this summer seems to have proved to British businesses that there are longer-term benefits of allowing employees to work flexibly - 32% of respondents said they felt more productive due to the reduction in commuting time each week, while 34% claimed they got more work done as there were fewer distractions and disruptions compared to being in the office.

The survey also discovered that while 30% of those who took part in the study claimed their boss had previously allowed flexible working, 23% of employers are now more open to this concept following the 2012 Games.

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