Many Employers Do Not Verify Education Qualifications, Poll Shows

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3rd September 2014 11:18 - Business Support

One in three graduate recruiters do not back-check degree qualifications presented to them on a curriculum vitae, a study has shown.

Of the 106 graduate recruiters who completed the Higher Education Degree Datacheck’s (HEDD) poll, just 63% said they request to see degree certificates.

Furthermore, of the 63% who summon a copy of candidates’ degree document, more than three quarters (76%) assume they are legitimate without double-checking with the issuing university, and more than three in 10 (32%) accept copies of the certificate - not just the original document.

HEDD’s poll also questioned 568 students and discovered that three quarters presumed employers would back-check their qualifications.

More than four fifths (82%) said they would like education qualification verifications to be compulsory for all employers.

A study published earlier this year by HEDD uncovered that around three in 10 (31%) of its participants knew someone who had lied about their qualifications on their CV to better their chances of securing a job.

Candidates have been known to lie about the level of degree they came out with, how much of the course they completed, the subject they studied and, in some cases, even claim they had a degree they did not even study for.

Jayne Rowley, director of HEDD, said: “Most degree fraud goes undetected due to the lack of proper checks being made by employers, although it’s widely publicised that a third of applicants admit lying on CVs.”

Adding: “While many businesses, particularly when recruiting graduates, invest significantly in sophisticated application tracking, assessment centres, psychometric testing and so on, few verify qualifications as part of that process.”

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