Market Research Demonstrates VoIP Is The Way Forward for SMEs

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12th April 2012 15:30 - Business Support

Telappliant has now completed an industry-wide survey which reveals that by 2013, almost 7 out of 10 UK SME’s will be using VoIP (making phone calls using the Internet) to cut costs.

In total, 41% of SME’s are already actively using VoIP telephony within their business, while an additional 25% have plans to review and implement VoIP within the next 12 months.

The findings indicated however that businesses with a head count of 100 - 500 people are embracing the technology faster than smaller businesses.

In addition to 68% of the surveyants saying their primary reason for wanting to adopt VoIP is to reduce their telephony costs, 22% gave their reason as wanting to allow staff more flexibility to work from home or from another location.

The barriers to why SME’s have not already implemented VoIP were found to be the perception that it delivers poor quality or an unreliable service (42%), that the benefits are not fully understood by management (32%) and that VoIP is perceived as too much effort to deploy or maintain.

Refuting this however, 99% of the businesses that implemented VoIP said it has delivered substantial ROI when it comes to cost savings, flexible working and improved customer service.

CEO of Telappliant, Tan Aksoy, commented: “In reality, VoIP telephony has moved a long way forward since the days of staff having to plug a headset into their desktop computer. Modern VoIP services are easy to set up, reliable and offer crystal-clear call quality. With advanced telephony features usually only found on high-end phone systems, VoIP gives SMEs a range of tools to compete more effectively with their larger competitors.”

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