Market Research: Denmark has the Happiest Workforce in the EU

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7th May 2014 16:01 - Business Support

Research conducted by Eurobarometer has found that Denmark has the EU’s happiest workforce, closely followed by Austrians and Belgians. Statistics show that the majority (94%) of Danish workers are satisfied with their own conditions at work.

Meanwhile, more than four fifths (80%) of respondents in Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland and The Netherlands consider working conditions in their country to be ‘good’.

At the other end of the scale, Greece is the only country among the European Union’s twenty-eight member states where fewer than half of its workers describe themselves as happy with working conditions.

With the EU economy set for a period of sluggish growth following its double-dip recession, Europeans face having to work longer hours for lower pay.

Laszlo Andor, EU employment commissioner, said:

“We have a remarkable heritage of law and policies to ensure good working conditions that allow for high levels of satisfaction among European workers… But there is a fear also, and a real risk, that working conditions will suffer in the wake of the economic crisis."

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