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11th August 2014 14:47 - Business Support

A poll of 800 UK workers by electronic cigarette maker has revealed the situations that are most likely to cause frustration in the office.

What most riled employees was found to be Internet malfunction – 31% of respondents said access and email problems are the biggest glitches that make their blood boil.

In second position, 18% of those polled said being given an unrealistic workload made them stressed, since there never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete their tasks.

A bad commute ranked in third position at 14%, while end of year accounts came in fourth with workers frazzled to make the numbers match up.

Following these frustrations, tardiness for meetings ranked fifth at 9%, having an annoying boss at 8% and demanding clients at 6% all rounded the top seven complaints amongst office workers.

A spokesperson at commented: “Many of us don’t realise how stressful the office environment can be as it just melts into the fabric of everyday life. However, it’s no surprise that Internet malfunctions came top of the list... One crack in this delicate technology and an entire office can be brought to a complete standstill, with the potential to reduce a company’s output to zero.”

They added: “In these tough economic times we are all having to work harder with many of us taking on additional roles above and below our pay remit. It is therefore no wonder most of us believe we have too much on our plate. In an ideal world we would all love our jobs... we all know however that this is often not the case.”

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