Market Research Discovers Rise in Office Desk Rage Amongst Britons

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22nd June 2012 11:22 - Business Support

A recent survey by health-insurance company PruHealth has revealed that Brits are increasingly flying off the handle at work.

Nearly half of the respondents who took part in the study admitted to regular meltdowns in the office, whether it be ranting and raving, throwing mobile phones and staplers, or in extreme cases resorting to punches.

A total of 48% of surveyants claimed to have snapped at a colleague, while 36% have actually shouted at someone. In addition, more than a quarter admit to physically taking out their temper on their computers, slamming phones, throwing something or banging their fists on desks.

Furthermore, 3% even admitted to having been physically aggressive with a colleague, while one in 13 have witnessed a physical assault in the workplace.

Therapist and Director of the British Association of Anger Management, Mike Fisher, commented on the rising trend: “Three years ago, the majority of people coming to me were displaying anger within relationships. Only a very small minority had anger problems at work. Now that’s changed. I’d say 40% of people now have been referred for help through their work. It’s disturbing. People have always felt under pressure at work but the economic climate has made things much worse. Workers are seeing colleagues being fired or made redundant, and the accumulation of stress is having an effect. When people can’t cope with anxiety it turns to aggression and hostility.”

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