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12th October 2012 13:33 - Business Support


A recent survey by online meetings software company TeamViewer has revealed the attitude that UK employees have to working from home.

The study of 1,000 office workers across Britain found that 78% were strongly in favour of a more flexible work schedule to boost their job satisfaction in the absence of pay rises.

Furthermore, the majority of surveyants at 68% would simply prefer to be able to work from home rather than in the office, while 50% wanted remote working so they had less commuting.

Nevertheless, 43% of the respondents reported either never or rarely being allowed to work from home, which indicates a disconnect between what office staff would prefer and what they are permitted.

In other findings, the market research discovered some home workers like to carry out their jobs in odd places – 14% often choose to work in the garden, 13% like to work in bed, 7% do so while cooking and 5% even work in the bathroom.

Regardless of where they opt to work when at home, the study found that office-type routines remain important, with 36% of remote employees taking tea breaks at the same time and 35% starting work at the same hour each day.

Finally, when questioned what would make home working easier and more productive, 55% of the surveyants said they would like faster Internet connectivity, 51% want better access to all their office documents and 33% feel employers should contribute to their utility bills.

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