Market Research Finds Link between Exercise and High Earnings

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30th March 2012 17:55 - Business Support

A survey of 1600 Britons by the UK charity Nuffield Health has discovered a link between those who earn a good salary and those who exercise frequently.

On average, high earners were found to work out at fitness centres around three times more than those on lower incomes.

Workers earning less than £20k tended to exercise for around one hour per week, while those earning above £31k workout at the gym just over twice as long.

These figures dip slightly for those earning between £51k and 70k then rise once more to 2.6 hours a week for those earning between 71k and 100k, while those with a salary above 101k generally work out for around three hours each week.

Head of Physiology at Nuffield Health, Chris Jones, commented: “Evidence tells us that keeping fit and healthy can benefit your performance at work, which may in turn impress the boss and help secure that much-wanted promotion. By doing regular exercise you help manage work-related pressures and help put in a better performance by better preparing your body for times of stress.”

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