Market Research Finds UK Employers Failing to Value Staff

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23rd May 2012 16:26 - Business Support

An HR related survey of over 1,150 UK employees by YouGov has uncovered wide spread disenchantment in the workplace.

Commissioned by performance consultancy River Marketing, the insight poll found only 18% of respondents feel optimistic about their future with their present employer – when applied to Britain as a whole, this equates to more than 23,000,000 British workers feeling underappreciated.

The study further found that with only 21% of workers believing their company cares about its staff, employers are failing to inspire their employees and make them feel valued.
A total of 37% (more than a third) of the surveyants also claimed they rarely or never receive appropriate or sufficient recognition at work, while 35% said they are dissatisfied with the communication that they receive from their senior management.

Phil Dunk, River Marketing's Managing Director, commented: "With the unemployment level at 2.65 million and many good candidates for every role, some companies may believe that they have the luxury of being able to neglect the needs of their people. The issue will be apparent when the job market recovers, by which time it may be too late to hold on to dedicated, talented people who are hungry for a new challenge."

He concluded: "There should be more emphasis on developing strong internal communications... Making your people feel valued can be relatively simple, and doesn't need to be a costly exercise."

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