Market Research Indicates Businesses Missing Out by Not Allowing Flexi-Work

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22nd February 2013 15:13 - Business Support


According to a report based on a survey of 400 businesses and 2,000 employees in the UK by O2, companies are missing out on the opportunity to boost productivity and staff well-being by not developing flexible working arrangements.

The study showed that staff are keen on embracing new ways of working, but they are not being supported by their bosses.

As many as three out of four employees felt their productivity would see an increase if they had more scope to adjust their working arrangements, with one in ten rating flexi-working as more important than pay or holiday allowance.

Furthermore, while four out of five employers claimed that flexible working is encouraged in their company, fewer than one in five staff agreed this is true.

Ben Dowd, O2 Business Director, commented: "Just six months since Britain's biggest flexible working opportunity, the Olympics, it's shocking that less than one fifth of people feel they are encouraged to work flexibly. Businesses must sit up and take notice of this critical evolution in employee behaviour and create a business culture equipped to support it.”

He added: "Talking about it simply isn't enough. To create a truly flexible working culture, actions speak louder than words."


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