Market Research Measures UK Publics Opinion on Business as a Force for Good

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3rd February 2012 17:10 - Business Support

As part of a new ‘Business is Good for Britain’ campaign by the British Chambers of Commerce, a survey of more than 2,000 people in the UK has shown that the majority of people at 82% think that businesses are ultimately a ‘force for good’ in society.

Britons are thus positive about the mechanisms of commerce, providing however that businesses stay within the law, pay their taxes and make a profit.

In total, just under three quarters of those who took part in the study believe that businesses play an ‘important role’ in local communities, while 54% think they make a ‘fair contribution’ in supporting public services.

Furthermore, the survey discovered that 46% think ‘new or international’ companies will generate economic growth in the UK, a fifth believe that the most economic growth will be generated by the Government, while a third say the public sector is better than the private sector at generating growth and jobs.

The surveyants also gave their opinion on how businesses should behave - just under a third said that a company’s first priority should be its owners and shareholders, while 72% say they should be focusing on looking after their employees.

In addition, 43% say that making a profit should be top priority for businesses, while 79% say they should be concentrating more on creating jobs.

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