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27th February 2012 17:44 - Business Support

A survey by Hays Recruitment has uncovered a key reason as to why many UK workers feel trapped in their jobs.

The Hays Career Outlook Survey revealed that the majority of employers believe that previous experience in the same sector is important, meaning workers feel bound to limited positions.

In total, 56% of private sector employers say previous private sector experience is important in potential candidates, while this figure stands at 38% for public sector employers.

Furthermore, 51% of private sector employers cite a lack of direct experience in their industry as a factor which would prevent them from hiring someone from the public sector, while 39% of employers don’t believe their skills will be transferable to the private corporate world.

Public sector employees themselves have a lack of confidence in being able to make the jump to the private sector, with 78% of these candidates claiming it would be difficult or impossible, and 75% saying they have not been encouraged to consider this as an option despite massive government job cuts.

Hays Director Charles Logan commented: "These findings highlight that workers believe they cannot move between sectors and that employers aren't always able to understand or give credence to transferable skills. By over-emphasising the value of previous same-sector experience, employers could be missing out on talented people and motivated workers. It is particularly concerning in industries where there is a shortage of skilled professionals and employers may need to consider candidates who have the necessary competencies but may not at first glance be the perfect match." 

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