Market Research Shows Levels of British Workplace Depression

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1st October 2012 14:22 - Business Support

New research carried out for the European Depression Association (EDA) has discovered that one in ten workers have taken time off work due to depression. 

The study questioned 7,000 people in a range of different European countries (including Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Turkey and Spain) and discovered that 20% had been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives.

British workers seem to be the worst hit, with 26% having received a diagnosis, compared to only 12% of Italian workers. 

Of those workers experiencing depression, it seems those in Germany were most likely to take time off work, with 61% admitting they would take a break from the workplace.  Britain’s workers were not far behind, with 58% saying the same.  Those in Turkey, however, were the least likely, with only 25% admitting they would take time off from working.

British workers take an average of 41 days off in total per year, compared to the average of 36 days in Europe. The poll also indicated that workers in Britain spend longer on sick leave as a result of depression than the European average. 

In addition, 25% of workers diagnosed with depression claimed they did not inform their employer.  One in three feared that it may put their job at risk.

Dr Vincenzo Costigliola, president of the EDA, said: ‘The results of the survey show that much needs to be done in raising awareness and supporting employees and employers in recognising and managing depression in the workplace.’

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