More could be done to improve corporate social responsibility, survey finds

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27th May 2016 16:13 - Business Support

A recent survey entitled ‘how green is your office’, by the Office Coffee Company, has uncovered that businesses need to do more to improve Corporate Social Responsibility.More could be done to improve corporate social responsibility, survey finds

The researchers discovered that more than 65 per cent of the participants believe that their company office could do more to be more environmentally friendly. Just 27 per cent said that they were doing all they could to be environmentally friendly. A further 8 per cent said that they do not make any effort to be environmentally friendly at all.

Amongst the respondents, 60 per cent said that they believe it is very important that their company has good green credentials.

When asking the office workers what environmentally friendly behaviours they already have adopted, the researchers found that many workplaces already have taken basic steps to being environmentally friendly such as recycling paper, cardboard and food and drink packaging and turning off lights when they are not in use. As well as this, just 25 per cent said that they would support their company in purchasing from green suppliers.

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