More than a third of UK employees believe their boss 'does not care' about their mental health, reveals poll

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15th October 2019 16:23 - Business Support

More than a third of UK employees believe their boss does not care about their mental health: A survey of employees by the Parliament Street think tank has found that more than a third believe that their employer 'does not care' about their mental or financial  wellbeing. 

Over 2,000 employees working in full-time professional roles in the UK were surveyed for the research, which sought to unpick the pressures experienced by people in their day to-day lives.

The survey found that four in ten employees had lied to colleagues as well as family members about their mental or financial wellbeing, while 16% of respondents reported going to their GP owing to stress within the last six months.

Brexit was also found to be a source of worry for more than a fifth of respondents (22%) who said a 'no-deal' scenario might threaten their job security.

Financial pressures

Debt was revealed to be a worry for many respondents, with 16% reporting they had exceeded the limit on their credit card in the last six months and almost a fifth (17%) revealing they had turned to a debt helpline. 

Four in ten respondents (40%) said in order to ease their financial worries they were planning to take on a second employment role in the evenings, while 13% reported using a foodbank in the last six months. Almost one in ten (9%) said that their situation had been that dire that they had stolen from the company they work for (9%), while 23% had considered suicide over financial stresses. 

Speaking about the research, CEO at Vita Health Group, Derrick Farrell, said:

"It’s critical that employers invest in the highest standards of professional support, including employee assistance programmes, which can help in this situation, but don't go as far as a full mental health strategy.

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