New survey reveals the top sectors to work in

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12th January 2018 14:12 - Business Support

New survey reveals the top sectors to work in

New survey reveals the top sectors to work in: With regards to Britain’s uncertain economic climate, it has become important for workers to attain a sense of financial security within the workplace. In response to this, a survey was created to identify what workers constitute as happiness.

Focussing on the industry’s work environment, opportunities for progression and values, responses were collected from people working in a range of positions, from graduates to directors, across 24 different industries.

Out of 4,154 respondents, the following top three industries were identified as the best industries to work for based on how happy the worker felt in their current job: Gaming and gambling (60.7%) Automotive (59.9%) Travel/transportation (58.9%).

Following these results, other industries were identified in order of the amount of people who are happy or quite happy in their role:

·       Travel and leisure (58%)

·       Education (57.4%)

·       Telecommunications & IT (57.3%)

·       FMCG (57.2%)

·       Health & pharmaceuticals (57%)

·       Utilities (57%)

·       Sport (56.8%)

However, percentages of those who were not happy or were not quite unhappy are as follows:  

·       Beauty (35.7%)

·       Media owner (35%)

·       Construction and property (30.2%)

·       Public sector (29.7%)

·       Entertainment (28.7%)

·       Not for profit (28.4%)

·       Fashion (27.5%)

·       Health and pharmaceuticals (27.1%)

·       Travel/transportation (27%)

·       FMCG (26.7%)

Nonetheless, regardless of the industry’s desired attributes, it can be argued that workers must be suited to the working environment in order to like the job. For example, Kristof Fahy, chief customer officer at Ladbrokes Coral Group, explains that those who work in the gaming and gambling sector tend to be competitive and enjoy a fast-paced environment, whereas others may not be suited. He stated: “The best thing about betting is you’re on a daily cycle, if not an hourly one. I like that pace and I’m not sure everybody does, but if you love that kind of pressure then betting and gaming is a great place to be.”

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