One in three workers have quit a job due to bad management, survey finds

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25th March 2024 12:50 - Business Support

One in three workers have quit a job due to bad management, survey finds: Research conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and YouGov has found a third of UK workers say they have left a job because of bad management and negative workplace culture. Furthermore, half of workers who describe their bosses as ‘ineffective’ say they plan to leave their current role within the next year.

The survey was carried out by the CMI in partnership with YouGov to highlight widespread concerns about the quality of management and its impact on workers’ daily lives. The duo had conversations with over 4500 UK workers and managers, setting out the impact bad management is having on businesses, public services and the economy. The study has come about due to several UK employers dealing with scandals and accusations of toxic workplace cultures.

Further findings highlighted that only 27% of workers describe their manager as ‘highly effective’, despite 25% of the UK workforce holding a management role. Additionally, the research also revealed that there is a consistent link between strong, highly trained managers and more effective organisations. A high 72% of workers who rated their manager as ‘effective’ felt valued and appreciated, compared to just 15% when the manager was rated as ‘ineffective’.

‘Accidental Managers’:

The report by the CMI and YouGov revealed that over 8 in 10 (82%) managers in a management position have not had any proper management and leadership training, making them ‘accidental managers’. Forty-six percent of the managers surveyed believe their colleagues have won promotions for the wrong reasons, with promotions based on internal relationships and profile, rather than ability and performance.

Ann Francke OBE, the CEO of the CMI, said this about the report: “Promotions based on technical competence that ignore behaviour and other key leadership traits are proving - time and time again - to lead to failings that cause damage to individuals and their employers, not to mention the wider economy’s performance. But a more optimistic future is within sight. By investing in management, the UK has the opportunity to set a positive trajectory that can deliver a growing economy, invigorated public services and a healthy, inclusive society driven by good management and leadership.” 

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